Anew approach to blogging. short and to the point. here is where I went and what I thought. Simples.

A short but well spent stay in Macedonia.



It’s a relatively short drive from the airport, with no other tourists around it’s was the perfect place to enjoy a quiet and beautiful view over the mountains.

Kokino, was an old area of worship and is known as Macedonia’s Stonehenge with some of the carvings in the rock peaks lining up perfectly for the solstice.

Sopot winery


In the opposite direction (south) from the airport, the winery is again only a short drive away. Continue on the main highway and pass through the toll as the winery appears and turn off immediate after.

The views were great the wine was just as good. From what I seen the winery appears to be in the middle of nowhere with no hotels nearby so driving there limited how much I could enjoy the wine… however I’d recommend finding a hotel somewhere near and getting a taxi there to enjoy the restaurant Terrance and drink plenty of wine until the sun goes down.

Mavrovo lake


Location of viewpoint:

Nice lake and very popular in the peak season s for Skopje locals to escape the city for a while.

Take a beer from a local shop and head up to the viewpoint to enjoy.

It’s also the area of the sunken church which was not overly impressive and was certainly not impressive when the water is low…

Come here for the view, not the church.

Lake Ohrid


Nice lakeside town for dinner and views but a lot of tourists

Skopje as a city is…. fake…. there are a lot of big statues that look like old celebrations of military successes etc. but most of them are new statues of Alexander the Great which the government decided to put up to look authentic… strange really.

There a couple nice areas in the centre, a castle and a market too but the real joy in Macedonia is getting out of the city. The countryside is where to be.

Tips and prices:

Rent a car the countryside is beautiful and needs to be seen.

A full tank of petrol costs about 60 euro

No visa needed for EU citizens

Cost of pint beer in centre is about 2 euro

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