Buenos Aires – Part II, Argentina

Flying in to Buenos Aires at the start of the trip meant I was flying out of there too. The loop was complete. I hadn’t much planned for this part of the trip apart from to relax, get a haircut in the Pope’s old local, see El Ateneo Grand Splendid (One of the most beautiful bookstores in the world) and see some people I met along the trip who lived in Buenos Aires, if it worked out.
My flight landed about 4pm but by the time I got the bus and got to my hostel it was about 6:30pm. I was in no rush to do anything so just chilled in the hostel and organised what I’d do in the morning. I decided to start with the Malba mordern art museum but when I got there I didn’t open for two more hours so then I went to the fine art museum but that didn’t open for another hour! I just chilled out in the nearby park until it opened. The area itself was pretty arty considering the museums around the place.

Then I went about pretending I know things about art for an hour or so. Some of the paintings were 3-400 years old so some it was pretty impressive to be fair.
After that I headed over to the Malba modern art museum which was hosting a big Yoko Ono art exhibition. It was different to say the least but there were also some interactive bits where you could contribute so when in Rome…

After wondering what all that was about I got the metro down to plaza de mayo where the barbers where the pope used to get his hair cut was. Bit of a stupid thing to go see but I was in bad need of a haircut and having seen this place on a tour before, it looked authentic, so I thought it would be as good as any.

And yes, she thought I was weird taking a picture!
 The final task of my day was to see the El Ateneo Grand Spendid. It had been voted the 2nd most beautiful book shop in the world (I’ve no idea what was first!) but I’d seen some pictures and it seemed like it was worth a look. It used to be a theatre and the sense has been preserved amazingly, even with the curtains on the stage opening into a cafe type layout. It really didn’t disappoint.

While I was there I even bumped into two Spanish guys I was potentially meeting for drinks the next day. One of them lived there and he was showing the other the sites. Even here it seems a small world at times to bump into people randomly like that.

On my last day I got a good deal and booked into a 4 star hotel, Palermo Place. After three months of hostels I wanted to finish in style. I spent the day watching sport and doing not much else. Not very cultured but I had a smile on my face so that’s all that mattered. 

I streamed the all Ireland reply and watched the Ryder cup and premier league on the tv. A few drinks later in the night and I was all set to finish off the trip.

Manchester United were on the tv at 8am the day I flew, but my flight wasn’t until 5pm so I just enjoyed the comfort of doing nothing and feeling like I had already done everything I wanted to do on this trip.

So that’s it. The journey is complete. The holiday is over. The mission is accomplished and yet somehow I’m leaving with a feeling that the adventure has just begun. 

It was time to go back to reality. For now.


Tips and prices:

Malba modern art museum 100 Pesos11:30am to 7pm weekdays. Not sure for weekend. 
Museum of fine art. Free. 12pm to 8pm on weekdays. Not sure for weekend.

Dogo hostel in Palermo. Ok, basic enough, breakfast included. 165 pesos per night. Wasn’t as lively as I’d hoped. Probably wouldn’t stay there again.

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  1. Bob Ramsak says:

    One of my favorite bookstores on the planet. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Zach says:

    Haha I loved the part about pretending to know things about art. Sounds perfect to relax like that after a journey.


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