Paracas, Peru

I had a quick, less than 24 hour stop, in Lima before starting the south Peru element of my trip. I had met several people who said Lima was a boring city with not much happening. I even met a guy while I was there who said I was lucky I only had one day there, and that he was stuck there for three days… So that, coupled with a stomach bug, meant I didn’t care much to explore the city while I was there. In the afternoon, I mustered up the energy to go to the Inca market to buy an Alapaca Sweater (when in Rome and all that…), take a quick stroll around Kennedy Park (also known as cat park – cats everywhere!) and see the ancient ruins of Huaca Pocllana. 

After all that, I got an early night in anticipation of the early start on the PeruHop tour bus the next morning.

After the early start, and a four hour bus journey, I arrived in Paracas at 10am. The town itself is a small coastal town with not much happening. There was a boat tour available to go see the ‘poor mans Galápagos’ but I’d seen the real deal so didn’t bother. There was a free tour to the nature reserve area I did go to though before chilling out for the rest of the day. 

For dinner, myself, a Dutch guy, four Irish girls and our Peruvian guide grabbed some pizza. He knew the spots to go to so the food was top notch. There wasn’t a whole lot to Paracas, and in truth I knew that beforehand but was just using it a nice stop gap before meeting Paul the next day. After chilling out in the hammock by the beach for the morning (Kokopelli hostel opens straight out on to the beach) it was time to hop on the bus and meet the man himself. 

I was glad of the rest because two weeks of carnage was about to begin.

Tips and Prices:


Taxi to hostel from bus station. 20 Soles.

Piriwana Hostel (great party hostel). Breakfast included. 35 soles (including Peru hop discount).

Huaca Pocllana ruins. 12 soles.

PeruHop tour. Ticket (hop on hop off) from Lima to La Paz. $228 dollars.

The set up of the tour is brilliant, they can organise hostels for you from the bus, they. Can advise on trips and have some trips they run themselves to. They give you a wristband that has discounts in kids of places along the way too, from restaurants to hostels to nightclubs. It’s a hop on hop off system so you make your own schedule and the guides are a wealth of knowledge, and a good laugh, for what ever questions you might have.


Kokopelli Hostel. Breakfast included. 30 soles (including Peru hop discount)

2 hour Boat tour. 50 soles.

Nature reserve tour. Free. 

Quad bike rental. 3 hours. 90 soles.

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