Florianopolis, Brazil

As we settled in to our seats on the bus we got chatting to an Irish couple, Barry and Laura, who were heading to the same place as us, Florianopolis – A city/island on the coast of Brazil with some amazing beaches. During the chit chat with Barry, he asked me how long me and my girlfriend have been travelling…. I guessed that wouldn’t be the last time I’m asked something like that on this holiday so I just let it slip by. But when we land in Florianopolis we all get to know each other a bit better and the situation was explained.

The scenery coming into Florianopolis was top notch and Florianopolis itself, where all the beaches were, didn’t disappoint either.

We took a stroll down to the beach to catch the sunset but we got a bit lost… Note to selves: use maps and not imaginative compasses in our heads. We eventually found the beach and had a look for some beachfronted restaurants. After not finding much we decided that we’d cook food in the hostel instead. Barry volunteered his, very capable, cooking services and the rest of us just helped as needed. For the sum total of about 5US dollars each we had a fantastic vegetarian carbonara (Sinead is a veggie, so we said we’d give it a go), apple crumble for desert and two bottles of wine. Honorable mention for the avacado Barry added to the pasta. Great shout! For our first night the hostel had a firepit, pool table, skateboarding area and even a tightrope!

But It was pretty quiet so for our second and last night in Florianopolis we moved to the north part of the island where the most incredible beaches I’ve ever seen (Yet! This trip isn’t near over…) were. The view from our hostel alone was breathtaking.

The four of us laid out a little travel plan to move north, to Paraty, a beachside area just above Sao Paolo before moving further up the coast to Ilha Grande. The further north we go the hotter it would get so we were excited to get some ice cold beers by the beach on a hot day. But that was later, our bus to Paraty (via Sao Paolo) wasn’t until 7:20pm so we had all day to do something. After breakfast with a view, we did a little 2hour hike, which provided some breathtaking views of the island, down to the main surfers beach (via a nude beach, which had no nudists on it, while we were passing through at least!). The hike was well worth it and it was nice to get active for a while too!

Literally every picture I took was better than the one before. “Wow/Incredible/class/unreal/amazing/fantastic/beautiful…” At least one of those words would come out of my mouth every time I took a picture. Even still, the pictures don’t do it justice. Florianopolis is a must for me if you ever get the chance. Perfect beaches stretching for tens of miles with beautiful mountainous scenery in the background.
We grabbed a bite to eat down by the water before heading back to the hostel to grab our things and set off for the next part of our journey. We had been warned that traffic might be bad so we got the 4:30pm bus, and we would have a connecting bus before reaching the final bus terminal. But traffic was worse than bad, it was horrendous and it got to the point where we were at a standstill for about 10 minutes. We decided to walk so we could still get our connection instead of waiting on the bus. Murphy’s law. We are not off the bus 30 seconds and traffic starts moving again. Ok we could probably have got back on but we didn’t know if traffic would keep moving or not so we took our chances. In the end the bus passed us and we probably lost about 15 minutes. We checked the times for our connection but it was a bit of a wait so we got a taxi instead. It only cost us about an extra 2dollars each and the taxi driver was so nice. The South American trend of friendliness continues!
We made it to the bus terminal with plenty of time to spare in the end but better safe than sorry! After a routine stockpile of snacks for the bus, we headed to the gate and away we went! Sao Paolo and Paraty here we come.



Taxi from Florianopolis bus station to hostel on east side of island. 50 real although we are pretty sure our driver scammed us. They have 2 rates in Brazil one for daytime and one for night time indicated by a number 1 or 2 on the meter. A taxi driver we got later confirmed that we had been scammed based on the rates and time of day it was.

Bus from east to north of island to second hostel. 3.50 real. 3 buses total but change over happens in stations so u don’t need to get another ticket to continue on other bus.

Bus from Florianopolis to São Paulo, over night, 12 hours, same comfort level, no food.

*Note anytime I’ve mentioned no food that means the company does not provide food but usually stops somewhere for half an hour for you to bus some if u wish.

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