West of Ireland to West Bay

It’s strange how we wind though life closing one door and opening the next without ever really thinking of how it all could have been so different.

 When I finished my masters there were no job prospects in Ireland and in truth if there were it probably wouldn’t have mattered to me- I wanted to travel. When you finish college everyone talks about America, Canada, Australia… No one ever talks about the Middle East… And I was no different. About six months after my masters was finished I secured a working visa for Canada. I had spent three weeks in Toronto (or should I say Torono) during my masters and loved it there. The economy was booming over there too so it it seemed a good combination to take advantage of…

All it takes is a phone call… My friend working in the Middle East rings… There is a job there for me if I want it. The best part? There wasn’t even an interview, his recommendation was enough. On top of all this my flight was paid for and accommodation was already sorted. Just when I had thought I had a plan it all gets flipped on its head. From thinking I was going west to east Canada I’m now going east to west bay in Doha.

I start work in the Irish office while Doha gets organised and after a few weeks pass it’s time to go. Off to the desert! When I arrived at the airport my friends are there, one of them is a girl, in my naïveté I’m not even sure if I am allowed to hug her in this part of the world!!

We make our way along the corniche and the bright lights of West Bay begin to flicker.  The new adventure is about to begin.

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